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The interest of working with children is that they have an impressive vital force which allows them, most of the time, to heal themselves if they are left to evolve freely in a healthy environment. I like working with them because it's the best way to act preventively.


As a naturopath for children and teenagers, I offer individual and personalized consultations and relaxation sessions adapted to your child's problems (anxiety, sadness, fears, attention deficit, learning disabilities  etc...)

Every age has its ailments :

During pre-adolescence (sometimes from 8 years old) and adolescence, our child moults and we find it difficult to recognize him/her. He/she is in permanent opposition. It is essential during this period to continue to give healthy foundations to the future adult in construction so that he can make his choices on the path to autonomy.

As Bernard Werber said: "The important thing is not to convince but to give food for thought"

I then propose to accompany the young person in his physical difficulties (sleep, spasmophilia, eating disorders, stress, stomach aches, problems of  concentration, painful periods, acne etc...)


It is obviously a question of working as a team with the families:


The child or adolescent on whom I work can be affected by the genetics of his parents, by the intolerances of his mother, by the story of his father who cannot mourn, etc...

In short, these are all examples that show the more or less visible ties that unite us within a family. Let's agree to work on ourselves to better free our children!

Sometimes  working only on the emotions is not enough: it will then be necessary to use tecnhiques of family liberations, such as the constellations.

Finally there are no bad parents (apart from obvious cases of abuse) but it is confusing to be a parent in our time. So I offer concrete tools to educate with firmness and benevolence in order to restore a climate of serenity and complicity in each home.

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