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Who am I? 

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I was lucky enough to grow up surrounded by nature in a family where ear infections were relieved by distilling a drop of sempervivum and warts by applying celandine. It didn't conflit  with the allopathic treatments prescribed by the family doctor.

          I've always been a very sensitive person recharging in contact with the earth, the trees and the sea.

In 2015, I fell seriously ill. Physical and then psychological suffering found few answers from the medical world, so I documented myself, I researched, I groped, I learnt and I grew.

           I then discovered bioresonance. It has been a revelation to me, a first stimulus. I decided to train with Dr Ursula Zirngibl in Tutzing. In parallel, I operated a dietary reform: my way of eating was very healthy but not adapted to my weaknesses at the time. I was inspired by Taty Lawyers and Natasha Campbell and I opted for a diet that is the opposite of naturopathic modes.

       Eventually my efforts paid off and I recovered, with the conviction that, in my turn, I should share what I had learnt. To improve my knowledge of anatomy, physiology, system pathologies and herbal medicine, I enrolled in a naturopathic school in Germany near Munich and validated all my modules after 3 years. I have built bridges between my certification in traditional Thai massage (Chiang Mai, 2007) and naturopathy. I then continued with 2 specializations: family naturopathy and inflammatory disorders of the digestive system

       Getting to know myself better, help my fellows and  put « my little drop of water" have become my priorities. This goes through committed self-training for the rest of my life.

           I find my balance in my blood-related family, my family of heart, nature, yoga, artistic practice, live food and  travels 

    Since 2020, I have acquired new  skills about atypical profiles. Concerned on a personal basis, I have been  involved in several internships with the ASEHP allowing me to deepen my knowledge relating to adults' / children giftedness, emotional giftedness, DYS'abilities , children in school failure, people feeling on the margins or victim of harassment (one not excluding the other of course).

          After a long experience in secondary schools, I question my professional practice, my way of supporting my own children and, once again, I try. I put aside the tools that do not seem relevant to me and I keep those that work. And above all I adapt to the person in front of me. What works with one doesn't necessarily works with the other.

Eventually, I'm currently attending courses at the CEFYTO (Centre for Studies and Training in traditional yoga). In addition to an inner work , I'm willing to become a yoga teacher in order, among others, to restore the body to its righful place

Sel de mer

What I am not:

* a therapist who gives “morality lessons” :

Everyone does what they can with what they are and what they have experienced. I work on myself every day and I present myself as a companion by your side. I refuse any dogmatism. I refuse to put people in boxes. I do not apply standard protocols but I propose an individualized course because we are all different.

* a fan of too many food supplements.

I've seen therapists recommending as many as 10 supplements. It should be kept in mind that these can have an oxidative effect on the body. I am one of those who think that the body can heal itself if we understand it well and feed it with live foods. I therefore take care not to saturate the body with information.

* a magician :

Obviously I have followed several training courses and I am in permanent self-training but I never promise

"healing or success in 5 sessions", a formula that can be found on the internet with qualified practitioners though. I humbly seek with you what can help you move forward on your path, relying on my experience, my tools and my faith in people. In the context of volunteering, I have many examples of beautiful developments and gratitude from the people I look for. They reinforce my determination.

My values:





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