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Solène Ryo    
- family naturopath and talent seeker -

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"Nature offers both what nourishes the body and heals it, amazes the soul, the heart and the spirit"          Pierre Rabhi     
  (translated from French)



Welcome !

I work as a naturopath, a  bioresonance therapist and a traditional Thai massage practitioner. You can opt for face to face appointments  in Pacé and Guipel. Distance sessions are also available : especially for people living in other areas or abroad. 

We can discuss in French or in English. 

Finally, I hold workshops for individuals (either for an adult or a child or workshops dedicated to the whole tribe), as well as conferences and training programmes for companies.

In the course of my training, I have created a link between these various approaches in order to create my own method: this is a tailor-made approach which aims to help you (re)find a good health thanks to natural means and by working on your vital force, also called Qi or Prana. Since we are all one, it also allows everyone to find their true NATURE and to develop their talents and potentials.

I am a family naturopath because the family unit is a microcosm in which the balance of one influences the balance of the other. I am  advocating the right to be different and I accompany anyone wishing to make their singularities a strength.

Promenade en famille

My approach takes the whole individual into account: namely his physical, emotional, psychological, psychosocial as well as spiritual dimension (not in the religious sense but in the sense: path of life). The program is designed to be progressive and is based on the involvement and motivation of the person. Its purpose is to give the tools opening the way to autonomy.

I will be delighted to meet you and discuss with you.







To make an appointment, you can

*call me :      06.8668.42.83

*write an email:

*use the contact form below

2 practices:  Guipel and Pacé: 

Les rendez-vous sont aussi possibles à Guipel et les alentours 

Chaise grise avec coussin


Thank you for contacting me. 

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