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Bioresonance with the
Time Waver Med 

The device I use is called the TimeWaver Med: it was created by visionary Marcus Schmieke in Berlin – a physicist, author, researcher and founder of the Institute for Applied Consciousness Research ( IACR) and the Existential Consciousness Research (ECR)

As a therapist, I use this tool to obtain faster results by working on the information field and the electromagnetic field of the person I accompany.

During the initial scan, the Timewaver Med identifies underlying causes of an imbalance or pathology. It therefore allows me to establish the priorities to be worked on.

“You cannot heal the part without treating the

everything. One can't cure the body separated from

the spirit, and so that  the  spirit and the body  find

health, we must start by treating

the spirit. (Plato)

At the start of the session, the person being accompanied places his/her hand on 2 cups: one allows the imprint of energy to be taken and the other allows the imprint of consciousness to be taken. From this signature, the device will compare the person's data with a formidable database. For example if the information "arthritis" matches with this signature, I must start the treatment with this entry.

(Obviously all the person's data is destroyed when the job ends)


This is not a purely mechanistic approach to health. Nothing can be done without the intervention of a doctor or a qualified therapist.

It is a new vision of health, therefore of life, which implies not only a relationship between body and mind, but the fundamental union of mind and matter.

The role of the therapist:

Following the scan and the interview with you, I select 2 or 3  modules (coherence between organs, meridians, analysis of constants, etc.)

It is thanks to a good knowledge of the database,   extremely dense by the way,  that I can cross-reference the information   to provide you with a particularly fine analysis   and remove the underlying causes with your agreement during a 2nd phase called optimization.

TW puzzle.png

This phase can be compared to the intake of a homeopathic remedy. In both cases, no biophysical process takes place, but the body receives information about the disorders and their possible resolutions. Thus, working with TimeWaver can also be called “Computerized Homeopathy”.

The Timewaver Med also allows me to test a   food or a remedy to see if it is compatible with the frequencies of your body and if it works towards recovery or the opposite. It is particularly useful for detecting food or drug allergies and intolerances, in subjects ranging from infants to the elderly.

The list of information resulting from the analysis can also be used to inform neutral granules, a bottle of water or any other support that I will choose according to your needs, your habits, the duration of the treatment etc...

  The Timewaver gives me information on the state of all the systems of the human body: endocrine, nervous, bone, digestive, lymphatic...: based on the tracks evoked by the machine and my knowledge I also recommend other remedies or supplements that will potentiate the work of the device. However, as I am not a doctor, I do not make a medical diagnosis.

This is again a holistic approach of the person. TimeWaver helps you consider the human being as a whole, from the mind to the cellular structure!


It goes without saying that a large part of the session is reserved for discussion. I will try to make the connection between what I saw on the screen and your experience.  The more a person   understands the body-mind connection, the smoothest is the work .

The work is not limited to the time of the session. During the following month, the Timewaver will send, remotely, the program of information and established frequencies. It is therefore crucial to work as a team. So I ask the client to keep me informed of his/her feelings in order to adjust the intensity as well as possible.


The energy balance is not a medical diagnosis, but a study of the energy and functional arrangements of the organs. Its action can in no way replace a treatment prescribed by a doctor. On the contrary, it can act on the profile in such a way as to optimize medical treatment, and provide the patient with the best chance of regaining health.

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